Hello to everyone

I really hope you had a nice time celebrating in the past weeks. Without doubt, this year was not the best. We had up’s and down’s and really weird stuff was and still is going on. I would like to take some time to rewind this year and take a peak into the next year.

Foundation of CGN Dev

I took an internship at my local airport in January as a ramp agent. I worked with a lot of airplanes but especially with one; the 737-Classic. I reall loved the plane, the combination of digital and analog gauges, the old but still modern look of the interior. I looked through the internet but haven’t found anything regarding a Classic for any flight simulator. At the beginning of the Covid-Pandemic I decided to model a bit of the flightdeck because I was bored. I thought that it would be cool if this would actually become a DLC for a flight simulator. So I posted some messages here and there that I was looking for programmers and 3D modellers. After a week, we were three people.

Three people were not enough. I needed more. I thought of recruiting through various social media platforms here and there and it really paid out. More people sent in their applications and I’ve seen that we were growing tremendously. From that moment I needed a name for our team. So what could fit better than the three letter code of my local airport, where everything began?

The team grew even more. We got to the point where people started offering us their services for free. One that I would like to mention is the website hosting service. Marc approached us and told us that he had a hosting service where he provides free hosting for small companies. He offered us that we can host our website on his servers and we instantly agreed to his offer. Thank you Marc <3

Your support

Our community grew extremely fast. I know, we are not a very big community. But what counts is the support of each and everyone. You don’t need to donate us to support us. You don’t need to buy our products to support us. What makes you support us is, that you just show interest in the project. For you it’s not much but for us it means everything. Thank you dear community!

The project

The 737 is still far from release. In the last time, especially during the christmas time, we haven’t worked much on the project. That is why there are no current development updates. No, the project is not dead. At the moment we are just preparing for the next year and resting a little bit. But we have something cooking in our kitchen. We can’t tell you more about it right now. And no, it is not a future project you might think about. Just be patient. When the time has come you will be notified about it for sure.

Plans for the next year

Next year we want to have something done on the project. This year was to get comfortable with a project like this but in the next year we are determined to get the project done.

Any future projects? No, currently we have no specific plans for doing that. But we are also not uninterested to work on something new. I guess we just have to see what the future brings… The main goal is to get the 737 done first.

I have planned to redesign our Discord Server a little bit. I don’t know when it is finished but it’s just a minor project.

Apart from the above we have nothing special planned. I hope you can live with that.

Alright, I hope you liked this small reflection of the year and also our plans for the next year. Please stay healthy and be spared from Covid. I hope you have a nice evening, celebrate the New Year as good as you can and on behalf of the whole CGN Dev Team I wish you a wonderful and amazing 2021!


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