Hello folks,

in the last months we achieved again something really cool and we thought it’s time for a new development update. In this one we will show you the latest progress of the FMC, the exterior model and some texture work that has been achieved in the last weeks.


All buttons of the FMC are now operable. All pages should be done by now, maybe except for one or two but in general it is pretty much functional right now. What is new now is the 2D popup window that has all the features that the 3D FMC has. What we are working on now is the background image (as you can see some screws look odd and some stuff just doesn’t fit in there) and some bugs that need to be fixed. Soon, we will start enhancing our IRS system so it would look and function like a real one. That includes IRS accuracy and offset, which changes while flying.

The Exterior Model

Progress has also been made on the exterior model. Eyebrow windows have been added and the engine has finally been added and attached to the wings.

That’s pretty much it for today. One last thing: Our usual plan was to record real sounds from the airplane. However, due to the current situation we are not able to do this. This doesn’t mean we are never doing it, we actually got the permission from a popular airline but we are currently just not allowed to travel to their base and perform some recordings. Since we are not already in the progress of sound design, this doesn’t delay the project very much but it will be the case soon. So I am very sorry for the possible delay that will be created by that in advance. Apart from that, our team is feeling great and we will be continuing working on the project as we did before.

Stay healthy!