Hi everyone, Max here,

it’s time for a new development update and we want to show you the latest pictures and infos about the project.

The “Other” 737 Project

I guess you have noticed that there is another 737-Classic project showing up on the internet for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Of course this project is already graphically more advanced than ours but we are very excited to see a new project coming up. We will continue normal development even if it takes longer than the other project but we don’t measure ourselves with time, we measure ourselves with quality.

The Exterior Model

I have been working on the exterior model in the last weeks and have completely redesigned the cockpit window section, the whole fuselage and fixed some shading issues. I am going to cut in the doors and cabin windows and all the other stuff that’s needed and then move on to the gear section.

The Aircraft Systems

Our programmer team has continued work on the FMC. It now features SID/STAR selection, runway selection, waypoint insertion and waypoint drawing on the EHSI (Navigation Display). The next planned features will be the curved magenta line as well as the rest of the FMC, which shouldn’t be that much to do.

The Interior Model

Also our 3D modeler has continued work on the interior. We now have finished the circuit breakers and the whole back section. Only things left are the chairs and some fixing on the framing.

That should be it for now. For any questions, you know the Discord Server. See you in the next one.