Good day dear community,

I’m happy to say that after a long period of testing and trial and error, we finally present our latest Development Update.


We are slowly nearing the completion of the FMC and we are going to continue with the route functions and waypoint insertion. We have most of the pages ready and only 1 or 2 are still missing.

What we have fixed/added in the current version:

  • Fixed: The font now looks more realistic and different sizes were added
  • Fixed: Some button animations for the FMC buttons
  • Added: A lot more FMC button animations
  • Added: Dual FMC Operation with synchronised inputs

Yes, we have now added the dual FMC operation function and does let users input values into the FMC on the one side which also changes the input on the other side.

The Virtual Cockpit

The flightdeck is doing good progress as well; the analog gauges are nearing completion and we have added the Yokes and Rudder Pedals. At the moment we can’t share any analog gauge pics because we do have some export errors but here you have a few pics from the yokes and pedals:

The exterior model hasn’t made any real progress for now, however, we rebuilt the whole fuselage because we had some shading and modeling issues. At the moment we will mainly focus on the flightdeck and will move on to the exterior in the future.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Now comes the exciting part you all have been waiting for. Currently we have not done any tests in MFS yet but we have downloaded the SDK already and took a look at the documentation so stay tuned 😉

That’s it from my side for now, if you have any questions or want to have a small chat with us, feel free to join our Discord Server.

Until the next update,