G‘day folks, time for a new dev update, eh?

Some of you were very excited about a new update because in the last update I teased something about the FMC. Well, as promised, here it is.

Can I see the FMC?

Sure. Here in this video you can see the page functioning as well as the button inputs. We also worked hard on the font in the last weeks and it was not that easy. But I think it turned out pretty good. Please note that not everything is working correctly right now and a lot of stuff needs to be fixed. (Also the video and images have a quite low resolution, sorry for that).

What about the rest of the aircraft?

Our 3D modeler did an amazing job on the pedestal in the last week and even started the analog panel types. Most of the stuff is not finished yet/ needs to be done but the rough base is there.

How does the project continue?

When I am back from my small break I will start modeling again and our whole team will work very hard on the Classic. We intend to finish the fmc not too far in the future and will then move on to the Overhead Panel.

A big shoutout to our community

In the last weeks we gained so much more people on this project and we at CGN Dev want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of you <3. Without you we wouldn‘t have this motivation and eagerness to stay focused on the project!

Well, that concludes our today‘s Dev Update. For more questions I kindly advise you to join our Discord Server (https://discord.gg/54hUYYx) because our team is active mostly there. I‘ll see you guys in the next update.

Peace, Max


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